With all his alter egos, each more revolutionary then the other, David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth, captivated the world with his eccentricities. With a staggering list of iconic moments from hit songs to radical movies, Bowie took us on a magical ride that was and is much too gleeful to end.

In remembrance of this superhuman, we’ve summed up 10 things about Bowie that make us bow down to the pop icon.

1. The Off-Shoulder Leotard 

Ziggy Stardust and his blue-flamed leotard- can you honestly say you can rock an off-shoulder, one-leg leotard better than Ziggy did? Hah, thought so. He’s the legit Star Man when it comes to skin-tight on-stage ensembles.

Bowie blue flame leotard

2. The Lightening Bolt

Umm, move over Harry Potter. The original lightning bolt belongs to Bowie. Why the iconic bolt? Aladdin Sane, one of Bowie’s alter-egos was “was sort of an electric boy”. And did you know, there is a constellation in the shape of a bolt that’s named after Bowie. AND it’s close to Mars. Say what?Aladin Sane Lighting Bolt

3. The Eerie Eyes

“At the centre of it all, your eyes, your eyes …”.

Devoid of all his alter-egos, it was Bowie’s unique and eerie eyes that mesmerized millions. Contrary to popular belief, both his eyes are blue, it’s just that one iris is more enlarged than the other. And did you know it was the result of a school-yard fight over a girl? One lucky girl, huh?

bowie eyes

4. The Androgyny 

Wait, you think androgyny is the new look? He had it going for him in the 70s (way before you were born!). And he did it with a dress for his iconic cover for “ The Man Who Sold the World”. #genderbending since 1970.bowie androgyny

5. The Space Pirate Eye Patch

Eye patches are cool, especially if you’re a space pirate! Did you know the eye patch was actually worn to cover a bout of conjunctivitis? Fashionable treatment, we say.


6. The One-Ear Statement Earring

Another thing Bowie does way better than you- the one-ear earring look. And we’re not talking stud earrings- it has to be a glam statement making earring. Sparkles et al.

bowie one earrings

7. The Unstoppable Moves

You got moves like Jagger? Umm, actually that’d be Bowie! They both came together to release a single “Dancing in the Streets”.

Note the matchy-matchy shirt and trouser Bowie is wearing.

8. The Tokyo Pop Suit

Bowie loved Japanese style and partnered with artist Kensai Yamamoto to create costumes for his Aladdin Sane tour. The result: a vinyl suit called ‘Tokyo Pop’. Bet Gaga wished she wore it first.Striped-Bodysuit

9. The Suits & Style

Ginger hair and sunshine yellow suits- nobody can beat this look, not even Prince Harry. As well as Bowie did androgyny, he did suits even better. *swoon*david bowie yellow suit

10. The Final Goodbye

He gave us the most beautiful parting gift with his 25th album Lazarus. And it starts with “Look up here, I’m in Heaven!”goodbye david bowie

David Bowie, you’ve left us with stars to gaze at and music to sing along to. Thank you!


Image credits: PinterestYahoo, Giphy, Yahoo, AJournalOfMusicThings, Torie, Rebloggy, CultureConcept, Refinery29