Have you decided what to wear this Halloween?? With October 31st almost upon us, we’re sure a lot of you have decided on your looks and bought the costumes! But, we’re even more sure that most of you are still blank on what to wear thanks to the busy week you had. But worry not, TrendInsider is here to the rescue! We have ‘assembled’ and curated the wackiest looks for you, using easily available clothes from Trendin.com.

1. Powerpuff Girls

Dress up as the cutest superheroes in all of history. All you need to do is add black belts to the dresses and do your hair like the girls. Off you go to fight Mojo Jojo!

2. Marty McFly

One of the most famous characters in film history, this guy from ‘Back to the Future’ is recognised worldwide; and so is his attire. To complete the look, keep glancing at your watch from time to time (those who have watched the film will know the relevance of this action!).  

3. Doc Brown

Marty McFly is absolutely nothing without his partner-in-crime Doc Brown! Dressing up as this crazy genius is simple enough as long as you dishevel your hair and *wait for it* dirty your clothes! Yes, you HAVE to do that to own the look. After all, Halloween comes only once a year!

4. MIB

Fight rogue aliens and neuralyze random people (ah we wish!) by dressing up as these awesome agents from the famous movie series. Don’t forget to add a pair of black shades and a bluetooth headset before you head out!

5. Alice in Wonderland Get ready to jump into the rabbit hole dressed up as our favourite fairy tale character Alice! Finish the look with a cute little bowtie.

6. Minions

They’re yellow. They love bananas. And more often than not, they go “bee do bee do bee do”! Put on a pair of suspenders and you are set to be the cutest villains of all time! Oh and don’t forget the black spectacles for that finishing touch!

Don’t be in a hurry to decide your looks guys, there are 7 more get ups coming your way which are as easy and as awesome as the ones above! If you have more DIY ideas for Halloween, tell us in the comments section below!


Image Credits: Popsugar