Hi there, handsome! We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but Derek and Hansel are back in town and they’ve pretty much taken over the entire fashion scene (Vogue cover included).


With his signature Blue Steel pose and stud-camo-floral-velvet ensembles, this season Derek WILL give you a run for your money. Now, we don’t want you to suffer from FOMO, so here are our top four tips to help you get your Zoolander style on point and win over Penelope’s heart *sigh*.

Note: The Zoolander look is BIG this season and outrageous is IN.

1. THE runway look everyone was talking about in 2015

You can easily call Derek’s and Hansel’s runway appearance a PR stunt or the most viral-worthy seconds of Valentino’s 2015 show. While Derek keeps it dark and mysterious in a deep navy brocade suit with butterflies (uhuh!), Hansel works a nonchalant I-love-my-silk-pyjamas-look in a light blue getup.


Your cue: Brocade is sexy and matchy-matchy satin pyjamas are street friendly. Also, don’t forget to shoulder-robe.Zoolander style menswear 12. Prints are fancy and so are rich jacquards

Derek’s all over jacquard suit paired with a matching shirt and tie proves that sometimes coordinated ensembles can work. As for Hansel, the galaxy print getup paired with plimsolls might just be every little boy’s dream BUT are you daring enough to pull it off?


Your cue: An all-over micro dot suit paired with a micro dot shirt – try it OR take your print game to the next level and opt for big bold prints that are nothing less than statement-making.Zoolander style menswear 4 suits3. Next time she slips on a LBD, pull on your LBS (little black suit) OR a kurta

A black suit is fail-safe and timeless; a black suit with sequins is statement-making and perfect for any ceremonial evening. Now we don’t mean all sequin, a little sprinkle here and there will work just fine. Or you work some desi swag and pair up your kurta with tribal necklace. Though, we prefer you skip the leather pants altogether.


Your cue: Enter black suit with a hint of shimmer and an electric-hue kurta to channel your inner bohemian spirit.ZOOLANDER 24. If all else fails do atheleisure all year round

Ok, so maybe you’re saving face and refuse to experiment with your suits, but you’ve still got one more way to nail your Zoolander look and it’s pretty darn easy (and comfortable!). With gym-wear making a sexy comeback, all you have to do is pull off a trendy atheleisure look with a tracksuit jacket (the windcheater kind), a matching T-shirt, straight leg dark wash jeans and low top sneakers. See, that was easy.


Your cue: Camo prints, jeans and sneakers. That’s all you need. Also, don’t forget your Blue Steel pout.Zoolander style menswear 3 Valentino


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Image credits: Eonline, HollywoodReporter, SCPR, HypebeastTumblr