1. Leonardo DiCaprio Has Been Nominated AGAIN!

Previously been nominated 4 times, that’s right FOUR times, Leo is in the race again for his role in The Revenant! His fans want him to win so so bad this time; this is what they’ve come up with:



And just out of pity, this:


Yes yes, it is photoshopped, but at least we get to see how an Oscar looks in his hand! On the other hand (yeah we know, that was a bad bad joke), you know who doesn’t need to be photoshopped with an Oscar??


2. Eddie Redmayne!

oscars_eddie (1)

After The Theory of Everything, which won him last year’s Best Actor Award, many of us (except those mourning Leo fans) are betting on him to win this year too! His performance in The Danish Girl was just incr’eddie’ble! Yeah we just did that.

ezgif.com-resize (1)


3. Piggy Chops’ Gonna Be One of the Presenters, Baby!


The Quantico star is gonna share the stage with the best of Hollywood! From winning the Miss World pageant in 2000 to the Oscars, she’s come a long long way! We’re proud of you PC!


4. Walter White Is Eyeing The Awards After The Meth Business!

Bryan Cranston is all set to ‘knock’ down the other contenders for his performance in and as Trumbo!


And we sure hope he says this on Sunday!



5. An Animated Movie On Hindu Gods As Superheroes!

This super cute movie called Sanjay’s Super Team follows a young Indian boy who finds his father’s religious meditation extremely boring! Influenced by his superhero cartoons, he reimagines Vishnu, Durga and Hanuman as superheroes! Pretty cool ain’t it? Here’s a sneak peek:

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