If you thought blazers are for cold weather only, we’re here to burst that little bubble. Reality is, they’re the wardrobe stars that NEVER disappoint.

Why, you ask? Alright! Let’s say you’re having one of those (recurring) lethargy-infused days but…oh snap!..you NEED to dress up for an evade-and-you’re-as-good-as-dead occasion. What do you do? Yep, you guessed right! You throw on a ‘smart n stylish’ blazer over your casual attire, make sure it’s colour-coordinated and you’re pretty much sorted! Now, as much as we’re excited about their uber-light, desk-to-dinner nature, fit is the ultimate secret to pulling off a blazer like a boss!

Here’s our pick of 5 blazers that’ll easily set your style ablaze, no matter the season.

The Un-structured Blazers


Quite like its name suggests, unstructured blazers are free of structure, i.e., it lacks details (inner folds and shapes) that lend it definition. They look so very snug, feel light and are everything we ever wanted in a blazer!


Casual & Comfy Boyfriend Blazers


These are menswear-inspired blazers, hence the oversized, relaxed appeal. And, don’t forget to wear it like you actually grabbed it straight from your boyfriend’s wardrobe!       


 Light-weight Linen Blazers


Move over cotton and tweed. Linen blazers are the reigning king of savvy off-duty style! Its light-weight fabric allows your skin to breathe easy and serve as the perfect summer layering.


Rugged Elbow-patched Blazers


The scruffy elbow-patch effect is rough, edgy and majorly sexy! What started off as a design turned awry and soon kicked up to become one of the biggest fashion successes. Lucky for us!


Quirky Patterned Blazers


This bold and contemporary style literally rolled in, caught eyes and conquered! Calling out to all the wild and crazy colour-fanatics! Believe us, with all the options available, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

For something more classic but refreshing, try the floral or geometric pattern.

Confession time! We couldn’t help but share our new-found obsession with our team. And so, this week’s #TrendinThursday theme was…blazers! And let’s just say, it was freakin’ floor-blazing!



If you had to blaze up a dapper look without too much effort, which style will you go for? Tell us in the comments.


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