If you missed the memo….Santa’s coming to town! Make merry and spiff up some red sizzling looks with generous spurts of white! Office party or a night about town, here’s our round-up of party-perfect outfits for the holiday season.

Look Smokin’ Hot in Red

Ditch that boring LBD and switch it up for a feisty little red dress (maybe we’ll call it the LRD??). More like the sugar and spice combo we so can’t help but drool over!

red and white ensembles for Christmas

Douse out the sparks with a pristine white vintage faux-fur coat. Voila, served classic and sexy! Or play up the goody-two-shoes look in this angelic white dress with (just enough) tinges of red. Or go risque with a lace skirt that defines untamed & seductive beauty, and set it off with a spotless white top, red-rimmed sunnies and fiery red lipstick. Psst… it’s the perfect get-up for your mistletoe rendezvous.

Get R-Listed with Red Pants

If you often find yourself Googling keywords like ‘last minute party outfits’ or ‘quick party wear’, you my friend, have stumbled at the right place! Burnt red, cherry red, Ruby-woo red… pick your shade and pull on a pair of red “hot” pants for a quick-fix solution to dressing the part this Christmas.

red and white ensembles for Christmas

Go with a white-and-bright look that has holiday season written all over it. Or if you’re game for a not-so-girly twist, opt for dark red leather pants, wild-child style! OR team up red and white to show off your fancy-pants side and maybe wrap a red-patterned scarf for a well-coordinated look. A neutral blazer with a peeking dot of red like a dandy pocket-square is a great idea for additional polish.

Paint your Look Red with an Edgy Top

Does the term ‘short n sweet’ bring a big, broad grin to your face? Then walk the red mile with the top-and-shorts route (perfect for warmer climes). Or if you can’t let go of your preppy side, a red polo tee is a sure-shot way to add a punch of character to your X-mas attire.

red and white ensembles for Christmas

The Red Cover Code (Blazer/Sweaters/Coats)

This season’s all about scorching red properties. And a blazer or coat does a pretty neat job to amp up your fashion quotient sans any extra fuss. And if you’re loving the sweater-weather, a chunky red sweater makes the perfect plus-one at any gathering.

red and white ensembles for Christmas

A Red Streak Here, A Red Touch There (Accessories)

Sometimes just a hint of red does the magic like no other…like this red bow tie on Kayne West. Or take a cue from Dorothy and slip on your gorgeous ruby pumps and tap your heels three times to create your own little magic this Christmas.

red and white ensembles for Christmas

Do you believe that red is the new black? Tell us which look hits #1 on your holiday style list!

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