Meet Pantone 13-1520 TCX Rose Quartz and Pantone 14-3919-TCX Serenity. Or baby pink and baby blue. 

In a first ever, Pantone (the colour gods) revealed not one but two colours of the year for 2016. With much speculation revolving around this progressive thought, the stereotypical baby-coloured hues have the industry questioning gender bending. A year that saw Bruce transform to Caitlyn, Raveer wearing skirts and Miley proclaiming to be pan-sexual, one must really question (or admire) this avant-garde move. While some might suggest, this bold move reinforces gender bias, others argue, its defying the norm by literally “blurring” the lines. Pantone, are you suggesting women wear Serenity and men wear Rose Quartz, or do we mix it up? *confusing*

Pantone Color of the Year Rose Quartz and Serenity 2016 moodboard

In Pantone’s words, Rose Quartz is “a gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure” while Serenity connotes “feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times”. Bringing to mind “balance”, the duo stand for a certain ying-yang equivalent with their partnering, one that brings a certain tranquility and calmness. A mood that defies the terror-inflicted and crisis-driven world we live in. Maybe, like a gentle reminder to bring peace and harmony into our lives, these soft and gentle hues might just be a gesture of welcome change. However, by blending femininity and masculinity, and merging warm and cool hues, the pairing “challenges traditional perceptions of colour association”. A challenge we’re definitely signing up for in 2016.

By breaking tradition to deliver two #ColoroftheYear (no, it’s not #ColorsoftheYear), that suggests gender blurring, baby pink and blue don’t do much in our minds to “blur” the line. Instead we’re left thinking about baby showers, baby blankets, baby socks and maybe the odd gelato or two.

Just to get you (hopefully) settled in the mood, here’s what Rose Quartz and Serenity looks like. Fashion deets on how to wear this duo- coming up soon.

Image credits: PicditPantone, Dezeen, Pinterest, Imagebrief, JustBreatheandLive