Beauty and the Bozo! Ever thought your clown face could get you a perfectly contoured face? One that the Kardashian clan might just envy? Uhuh! You can thank Youtube beauty vlogger Esther Isabel Amado Romo, aka BellaDeLune, who set off this viral beauty trick that’s trending right now (wonder what’s next?). In her how-to video, she strategically paints her face with colour correctors, brighteners, highlighters and an Emoji poop (yeah!), and then “blends-blends-blends” to finally achieve a flawless look (minus the poop). Kind of reminds us of cassata ice cream. :P

BellaDeLune Clown Contouring

Taking the internet and Instagram by storm, putting on a “clown” face is now the new way of achieving a close to perfect bone structure that’ll have any plastic surgeon second guessing! Initially, she created the look in retaliation to all her makeup shamers; the result being, mass appeal and a new Internet-driven beauty craze that tells all em’ haters that makeup can be empowering. #ClownContouring is now the new #PowerOfMakeup.

The basic technique behind this look is to highlight your God-given features and conceal the not-so-favourite areas. Why we love it? Well, it’s easier and much faster (working ladies agree!) than doing the step-to-step routine, where you put on one product after the other, and not to forget it’s alot more fun too! Follow the standard rule, by highlighting your cheek bones, the jaw, and down your nose and chin. A dark concealer or foundation in the middle of the cheek bones and along the sides of your nose give it an instant slim down, while red lipstick under your eyes will erase away dark circles and puffed eyes, courtesy of late nights working (more like partying). Also don’t forget to circle out the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow that works wonders (blushing damsel)!

Think of this technique as filling in a numbered colour book- remember those? Once done, artistically blend it all out with a sponge blender and voila, say hello to miss perfect! While some (including our mothers) might think this art of contouring is completely ridiculous, these ladies might just convince you to get creative with your face paints (foundations et al) and get your clown face on! Take a snap and send it to us, while we go makeup for all the clowning we’ve been doing! :P

clown contouring instagram

P.S. Make sure you blend it all up, you don’t want to step out looking like a clown or a Care Bear (or your kid’s worst nightmare!).

Image credits: BeautyDiaries, SimplyOmata