Is your head full of dreams? The kind where Beyonce, Coldplay and Sonam come together? Well, dreams do come true.

Hit play, watch and STOP at 3.36, again at 3.46. Hit replay again (maybe on repeat if you really like it).

It’s been less that 24 hours and the Coldplay-Beyonce single “Hymn for the Weekend” is already creating some controversy. Surpised? Nah, not really. Chris you asked for it! Who run the world ? Bey, for sure. And to add more drama (Bollywood-style) you called in Sonam Kapoor. But hey, we’re not complaining because her longer-than-my-last-relationship cameo is truly beautiful. And Bey, you’re a legit diva.

The video is definitely a contender for an Incredible India ad- vivid colours, happy kids playing holi, snake charmers, fire breathers and Beyonce as Rani! The result: Backlash and praise. While some call it cultural appropriation, others call it entertainment. Not ones to stir up more controversy, we’ll go back to oohhing and ahhing Coldplay’s mystical muses.

Psst… did you know Bey is wearing Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla (woohoo!). And that floral crown and berry lips #festivalgoals.Beyonce in Hymn for the weekend- Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Sonam looks beautiful in a lehenga-choli by Mayyur Girotra. Waves in her hair, flowers in her hands and a perfect winged liner #bridesmaidgoals.

Sonam Kapoor in Hymn for the weekend

Hmmm… as for Chris Martin and the gang- wanna join us for our holi party? Say yes please, and we’ll make “Hymn for the Weekend” our party anthem.

coldplay holi in hymn for the weekend


Image credits: USAToday, IndiaToday, Folomojo, Youtube, Directlyrics