From kimono-inspired silhouettes to oiled-back hair (long-live champi), when we see three, we call it a trend.

Trend 1- Oriental Roots and Kimonos

Sanjay Garg- Raw Mango- Amazon India Fashion Week 2016

Mogra flowers, a capella band and nostalgia, is how Sanjay Garg opened Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016. And promising it was *still can’t get over it*. Taking us through the journey of the Silk Route, with heavy influences from the Far East and Ottoman empire, Raw Mango’s Mashru collection is revolutionary in every sense and style. Simplistic, minimal and elegant, the silk cotton ensembles blur the lines between drapes and forms, and contemporary and traditional. Kimono sleeved blouses paired with sarees, lehengas with structured overcoats and boxy kurtas with embroidered silk dupattas; angled versus curved silhouettes define the collection. With rich jewel tones, pattern defining gold piping, Mughal motifs and polka dots, the lineup is contemporary yet heavily rooted.

Vineet Bahl- Amazon India Fashion Week ss2016

In candy colours with asymmetric silhouettes that again, blurred the line between fluidity and structure, Vineet Bahl’s collection named ‘through the looking glass’ commemorates the influence of Chinese aesthetics on global fashion. Coloured kimono tops in relaxed silhouettes paired with white wrap-around trousers and cropped pants, the collection is both effortless yet chic. With bead and bugle glass detailing, embroidered oriental scenes, and hair sleeked back, the collection comes with modern sensibilities and historical cues.

Trend 2- Of Warps, Wefts and Handlooms

Anavila- Amazon India Fashion Week SS16

With simplicity being the new elegance, and handloom fabrics being the new luxury, Anavila’s earthy collection draws inspiration from balance. In a palette of monochromes with hints of subtle gold and silver, the ensembles give the fashion fraternity a welcome zen-worthy moment. Harmonious, minimalist and magical, the collection focuses heavily on the purity and complexity of craft. And the short draped pallas and boxy blouses- we love!

Vaishali S- Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016

While Anavila created harmony, Vaishali Shadangule created magic with her collection named Yajna. Drawing inspiration from the metamorphosis of thread to fabric, the ensembles reveal exposed thread and dori details that weave together to bring shape to form. In a palette of contrasts, from milk white and pale white, to darker tones of smokey grey and royal blues in ombres and definitive details, the ensembles are metamorphic in every drape and form.

Trend 3- Tassels, fringes and loose ends

Tassels- Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016

Just when we thought tassels were about to become a tale, Day 1 proves us (thankfully) wrong! From loose threads on Vaishali S’ creations, Rabani & Rakha’s shimmying sarees to Shivan and Narresh’s fringed neoprene saree, the embellishment is here to stay (and we don’t hear anyone complaining).

Trend 4- Nude lips, oiled hair and fishtail braids

Maybelline India- Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016

Looks like we’ll be wearing nude lips and fishtail braids all through next summer. With a less is more ethos, there was nothing OTT about the makeup looks curated by the designers on Day 1. From Raw Mango’s oiled back hair that “frames your features” and barely-there makeup to Shivan and Narresh’s glossy just-took-a-dip-in-the-pool ponytails, it’s about to become a very au-natural summer.

Image credits: The FDCI