With a lineup of stellar collections enough to trigger our wanderlust and time travel us back to wonder years, Day 2 at Amazon India Fashion Week was anything BUT boring. What a performance it was! Models on roller blades, eclectic prints EVERYWHERE and tennis balls on court (slash that), the runway was a sartorial spectacle that left us wowed!

Trend 1- The Wonder Years

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Payal Pratap

Romancing the era of the 50s, Payal Pratap’s fearless collection boasts of cat eye frames, fit and flare silhouettes, playful polka dots and flamboyant florals that bring together classic aesthetics and contemporary cues. In a dark palette that gradually evolves in to soft pastel hues, the ensembles retained an element of glamour, with fluid silhouettes that are perfect for today’s woman. What’s big? Cross stitch and pixelated florals, winged eye liner for a feline look, and patent leather shoes that are tres chic and enough to make Audrey Hepburn stop-and-stare.

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Hemant & Nandita

Bringing in the swinging sixties in style, Hemant & Nandita’s flower-power packed collection welcomes summer of 2016 with its bold prints, shift silhouettes and tasseled sunnies *lust list*. Youthful and free-spirited, outline floral prints, palazzos, big collars and wrap around belts with fringed tassels are the key cues to pick from this collection. And the palette is bold with rustic oranges, browns and sunshine yellows that are all cast against a white backdrop. We’re ready to air the 70s show now!

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Dev R Nil

Bringing to the runway, the spirit of hippies and free love, Dev R Nil’s collection, is about a journey of self-realization. Dev or Nil’s we wonder?! With floral and foliage prints dominating the ensembles,and lace work and applique to offset it, the ensembles come in  simple monochromes accented with tangerine and mango, to break from anything mundane. Psst… any guesses which Bob Marley song’s lyrics were used on the blazer?

Trend 2- Nostalgia and The Inner Child

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Pallavi Mohan

Reminiscent of our childhoods, Pallavi Mohan’s collection Kaleidoscope, is inspired from nostalgia and myriad dreams. With a pattern play of surface textures that have been inspired from the “tumbling and turning” of kaleidoscopic patterns, the ensembles are care free, fun and energetic. With stars on washed denims, playful sparkles and a palette of pop pinks, powder blues and lilacs, this collection is every girl’s dream.

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Ashish N Soni

Twinkle twinkle little star… how we wonder who stole all the fun? Having already set the mood for all things playful, Ashish N Soni’s collection was the highlight for the day! A model clad in a denim ensemble roller skating down the runway, Lady Gaga inspired messy hair bows *should try*, denim nails, yellow slides, techno Itsy-bitsy spider that made us wiggle and ensembles that spoke of the metamorphosis of a little girl to a woman- let’s just say we were left with a sugar high and wanting to “unleash our inner child” . From denim to black French lace, the ensembles were an eclectic representation of wardrobe staples that any contemporary girl or woman would own. Hats off to Ashish N Soni!

Trend 3- Of Day Dreaming and Wanderlust

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Tanvi Kedia

If Pallavi Mohan and Ashish N Soni made us take a walk down memory lane, Tanvi Kedia and Rasa Jaipur triggered our wanderlust to exotic lands. With vintage, bohemia, and free-spirited silhouettes taking center stage, Tanvi Kedia’s Wandertrieb collection saves us a ticket and takes us straight to bustling Moroccan markets. A lover of all things vintage, her collection drew inspiration from old handloom fabrics (300 years old), collected souvenirs, folkloric memories and architecture. With the fluid silhouettes urged against structure, the bold prints were subtly embellished with fine beads to give it a hint of sparkle. Bringing together craftsmanship and a truly global look, with this collection, we’ve packed our bags and we’re ready to leave “on a jet plane”. Wanderlust trigged and style checked-in.

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- Rasa Jaipur

If Morocco might seem too distant, how about Jaipur? Rasa’s hand block print collection brings to the modern woman, an eclectic and nonchalant range which has been inspired from the colours, architecture and craft of Rajasthan. Taking a colourful route, the palette of blues, greens and earthy tones, are subtle yet definitive. Highlight being- cut and slice prints and low top sneakers paired with sarees! Note: Bold prints are a must for Spring Summer 2016.

Worthy Runway Moments- The Queen and The Courts

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2- anand bhushan

Keep calm and all hail the Queen and Samant Chauhan! What a spectacular play of drapes, embellishments and some serious head-gear! With an instrumental version of Lorde’s Royal playing, opulent silhouettes and an air of royalty, this collection had us kneeling before the Queen.

“Let’s go down to the tennis court”- Bringing atheleisure back to the runway with sporty silhouettes, high top sneakers, visors and tennis balls (uhuh!), Anand Bhushan’s collection brings out a worthy championship with two strong contenders- an unlikely match between summer and leather? Whose the stronger contender we ask?

Image credits: The FDCI