Done and dusted. In less than 24 hours we’ll be saying adios to 2015! Woohoo- can we start partying already? But before we pop open the bubbly and start focusing on the fun stuff, our glam squad’s wondering whether you’ve ticked off all the boxes on your NYE check list. Have you? Is your ensemble ready? Sparkles and ties checked?

If you’re “saving it for later”, here’s your reality check- the countdown has already begun. But because we’re not ones to trigger worry, we’ve come up with quick fix solutions that’ll have you party-ready and style-perfect in no time. And we promise you already have the building-blocks hanging in your wardrobe.

new years eve dressing




 The Pub Crawlers

POA: For the city dwellers who want to visit every pub in a 10km radius before the clocks strikes 12. Psst… best of luck in advance!

Dress code for the ladies: A comfortable yet sassy off-shoulder black knit dress with just a hint of sparkle, paired with open front booties and a studded clutch to give it a youthful note of glam-punk. Alert: Hottie on the prowl!

Dress code for the men:  A cool biker jacket paired with a trendy T-shirt, distressed jeans and low top sneakers for an effortlessly cool look. Now all you have to do is focus on the next pub to hit.








new years eve dressing nightThe House Party Crashers

POA: Nowhere to go but want to party all night long? Crash your friends’ or boss’ house party.

Dress code for the ladies: While Miley can get away attending parties in onesies, we’re pretty sure you’ll be the next meme-of-year if you step out in one! Keep it relaxed yet party ready with a sequin embellished skirt (a little sparkle goes a long way) paired with a blouse and heels to keep your style on point.

Dress code the men: Let loose the collar and shake things up a little. Forget the blazer and instead opt for a statement making shirt. We’re not saying wear a satin one, instead work with the little details (that go a long way) like a stylized collar, contrast pops of colour and a contemporary slim fit. While distressed jeans might be a tad too casual, a pair of dark washed classics will look smart.







new years eve dressing party



The VIP Loungers

POA: You’ve got two VVIP tickets to an exclusive party- the kind where you’ll spot a celeb or two (lucky you!).

Dress code for the ladies: The classic LBD might be a little too mainstream for this party. After all, you are a VIP. Think unique and opt for a brocade animal patterned dress that has glam-chic spotted all over it. Word of advice- keep the bling minimal; unless you want to be mistaken for a WAG.

Dress code for the men: Nail a look that’s somewhere between smart yet nonchalant with a slim fit blazer paired with a light shirt and flat front trousers. And if you’re feeling flamboyant, tuck in a contrast pocket square. Psst… men is suits always get a nod from the ladies.