Men wearing skirts and women in tailored suits- the rules of fashion have all but changed! Androgyny has burst into the scene and gone completely mainstream! Keeping with the gender-bending trend, we have turned our attention towards some rule bending hairstyles this month.

For the trend-setting ladies, the pixie cut has been replaced with side shaves and undercuts. And thanks to awe-inspiring fashion rebels like Rihanna and Demi Lovato, the revolutionary shaved hairstyle is now a major attention grabber! Rock it this season to slay the fashion scene in total badass-style!!


If you are trying the trend for the first time and aren’t sure which part of your head to shave off, try the undercut. This subtle, rebellious style stays hidden unless you show it off with a pony-tail. Get quirky patterns that can range from simple razor-cut lines to elegant designs like floral patterns or even leopard spots! Check out these uber-stylish ladies for inspiration.



P.S.: If you are looking to make a statement, chop off the length and get a side shave!

Gender-bending and norm-breaking took a new level for men, when Gucci debuted a new, feminine-esque look for men on the A/W ’16 runway. Along with the deconstructed tailoring, on the ramp, we witnessed something new – models with long flowing hair. Suddenly men seem to have fallen in love with their long locks. George Michael circa 80’s seems to be the idol! It’s all beards and flowy hair for all the stylish men now! Celebs like Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth and Harry Styles have been major inspiration in this department.


The man-bun was the biggest hit of last year and this year the ‘Tarzan’ look seems to be the ‘It’ look. Take a look at these hotties to get your look right this season.



P.S.: Please make sure you actually bother with combing and shampooing them…just because you plan on looking like Tarzan, doesn’t mean you have to smell like him (no offense intended)!

Clearly shaved hairstyle is the fashion of the  future! But, we’d love to know how likely you are to do it! Tell us in the comments below.

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