Q. Fill in the blanks:

Like SRK is to Bollywood and Tendulkar to cricket, ___________ is to the commentary box.

A. Heck yes, it’s Harsha Bhogle!

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We all know that he’s the wittiest commentator on the block and we also know that his one-liners are just way too good, leaving us in splits every single time! But did you know that he’s an IIM-A product? And before that, a chemical engineer? Okay, a ‘chemical engineering graduate’, like he specified. Let’s just say if Harsha Bhogle had a resume, it would be reaaaally long! So, do you think he’s done it all? Well HE certainly doesn’t think so! Let’s heartily welcome Harsha to the world of fashion!

Trendin.com invited him over to our studio to try on our latest ensembles. And boy he loved it!


In fact, he’ll be sporting some of these looks in Australia for the India-Australia cricket tournament going on right now!

Have a look!

HB-01 (11)

This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between suave and relaxed. The printed band collar shirt is a modern spin on the usual shirt, which when paired with the blue slim fit jeans, elevates the modern appeal of this ensemble. Add the blue single breasted blazer to combine classic colour with a contemporary silhouette. Finally, the entire look is grounded by finishing it off with polished black monk straps. This is the ideal ‘Commentary Box to Dinner’ (or those IPL after-parties) look!



The vibrant hue of the purple shirt adds personality to the entire look. Interestingly, this shirt is paired with navy chinos, which cleverly compliments the shirt and takes away the severity of the look. Again, the black monk straps gives a modern classic appeal. The look is streamlined thanks to the sporty blue blazer, which gives a stylish edge, ideal for those award ceremonies !



This is an incredibly sporty and relaxed look. The bright pink polo T-shirt is apt to be worn on the ground before a match, teamed with the slim fit blue jeans. The brown leather sneakers are the perfect addition to the entire ensemble! Add a casual blazer to this for a dapper take on this sporty look! BTW Harsha was quite intrigued when we suggested a blazer over the polo T-shirt. Well he loved it when he tried it on. Guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the commentary box, eh?



This ensemble is debonair in it’s own way. The combination of the printed band collar shirt and the brown trousers gives a modern twist to traditional formal wear. The single breasted khaki blazer adds a sporty touch the the whole look, while the polished brown lace ups keep the balance between formal and casual intact! This look is perfect for the commentary box and the post match presentations that follow!

All in all, we had two bucket loads of fun and absolutely loved having him over!

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Look out for these ensembles during the ongoing cricket series and tell us when you spot them! Leave your replies in the comments section below!