Delve in the details. It’s always about the details; the minute ingredients that make something better than perfect. And if you’re one to seek perfection, be it in the boardroom or beyond, you’ll know that sharp impressions get the job half done. Ever spotted Harvey Specter or James Bond turning up dressed shoddily? *we guessed not*

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While you might not have a Saville Row tailor on speed dial, you do have the choice to make better judgements when it comes to sartorial-decision making. For instance, if the suit doesn’t feel right, don’t wear it!

We understand, that not everyone is born looking like a part of the 300 entourage; the abs were photoshopped *just saying*. However since real men need no digital enhancements, do know that they are trade secrets that’ll make your off-the-rack suit look like it was made for you. And we’re spilling em’ all.

Not an inch over or under, your suit’s seam should sit perfectly at the edge of  your shoulders. Framing your entire silhouette, the blazer’s shoulders are of utmost importance. Take note- if your seam ends shorter than your shoulder, you might find yourself having a Hulk moment.

Stand straight, if the blazer’s hem extends beyond your knuckles than you’ve already got it wrong! The hem should NEVER go beyond your knuckles and NEVER be shorter than your wrists. The best way to figure out the perfect length is to curl up your fingers and let the hem graze your fingers and cover your trousers’ fly.

Once you’ve got that figured, pay attention to the fit- regular, slim or ultra slim- whatever your order for the day is, do remember that boxy is not on the menu. Your suit’s body should hug your body without being uncomfortable. And  for pete’s sake, make sure the buttons shut.

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Your sleeve hem should end right where the base of your thumb starts, and should be half an inch shorter than your shirt’s hem. Most ready-made suits come with sleeves that are slightly longer, which most likely than not, need to be altered to your sleeve length.

Relaxed at the thighs, tapered below the knee, that’s how your trousers should look and fit. Leave the wide legged trousers to Don Draper! Comfort being key, even your slim fit trousers should leave some space for you to move around in with ease.

When it comes to perfecting your trouser “break”, keep it minimal without much of a fold. The cuff should gently graze or sit above your shoe without creating a fold. However if you’re planning to show off some mankles, we’re not complaining.

So the next time you try on a suit, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a step closer to “suiting up” in style.


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