Finesse. Check. Precision. Check. Tailored. Check. It’s time to SUIT IT UP! Yes gentlemen, your suits are on-fleek (always)! But here’s the thing- you need to inject a bit of your own personality to it. We’re not saying turn up like Austin Powers, but do consider mixing it up a little by adding on a few statement pieces to it. From subtle to bold, your lapels play the perfect host to show off your awesome personality. The secret here lies in how you perfectly orchestrate it together with lapel pins, brooches and pocket squares.

Here’s our definitive guide on how to dress up your suit lapels and make the most of this tailored number. We’ve kept in mind everyone from the dapper dandies to the old-school souls, the keep-it-real businessmen to the idgaf punk bros.

The Hedonistic Classic Style

We believe playing up with proportions is important to achieve the harmony of this look. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of the Wall Street! The traditional aesthetic of a wider peaked lapel (which is making a huge comeback) is the key to this look. Keep it classy by  adding on a floral boutonnier. Also, never underestimate the power of a  neatly folded pocket square (note to self: practice origami) which makes for a clean and classic edge.suit lapel pins classic

Modern & Sleek: Do it the Millennial Way

There’s quite a bit of room between conservative suiting and the more outlandish high-fashion way to style your suits. Call it stylish comfort, today the lads prefer form-fitting and modern lapel designs to achieve a more contemporary look. Take cues from Mike Ross’ narrow notched lapel style to Instagram style guru Nick Wooster’s solid pocket squares, and add on a feather or tarnished metal pin for a hint of controlled flamboyance. A pro tip- ditch the overtly matchy-matchy hanky and tie combo. You don’t wanna be wearing a team uniform now, do you?suit lapel pins modern

Strictly Business

Dressing 9 to 5- How do the most stylish men in power accessorise their formal lineup? Well, take a look at everyone’s favourite casanova Barney Stinson. A narrower notched lapel with hints of white pocket square is his go-to style. But if you have that “don’t mess with me look” with class, try a classic peaked lapel a la Don Draper and work it with printed pocket square. Have a black tie event approaching? Opt for tonal shawl lapels and pin it up with a red boutonnier to take the night away!suit lapel pins

The Age of Dapper-punk

So you have a punk soul and wanna dress it up sans your leather jacket? Done and done! We blame Nikki Sixx and Billie Joe Armstrong for spoiling the kids (thank heavens!). Sky is the limit when it comes to accessorising your suits. Pick a notched, shawl or a peaked lapel in a laid-back silhouette and accessorise it with studs and spikes or a skull-shaped pin and metallic chain-like embellishments like Billie does.suit lapel pins punk style

Men, now you can jazz up your suits and give the ladies a run for their bling!


Image credits: Pinterest, WhatMyBoyfriendWore