Well, well, well. After dusting thick dirt off its shoulders, this flirty yet elegant style from the ‘80s swerved smoothly into 2016 and blew up in epic proportions, and of course we’re excited to bits. Let’s hear it for ‘The shoulder-baring trend’! (*clap*, *clap*)

A classic case of fashion’s own blast from the past, only this time it’s already one of the hottest trends of Spring-Summer ’16! And yes, sure looks like it’s here to be a fashion mainstay!  Better stock up on some strapless bras and prepare to show off those sexy shoulders!

Prefer to stay ahead of the game? Here, we come with a li’l help on off-shoulder styles that promise to level-up your wardrobe!

The Floral Fascination

spring-summer 2016 stylish off-shoulders

Nothing echoes the essence of ‘joie de vivre’ like floral printed off-shoulders. There’s something very sprightly but demure about this style. If you’re all set to conquer attention without attracting frowns and raised eyebrows, take on this one!

Jump into Spring-Summer in style

spring-summer 2016 stylish off-shoulders

Just when you thought Spring-Summer ’16 couldn’t get hotter, the off-shoulder clan lets off some steam with their upbeat jumpsuit collection. Besides the striking one-shoulder variety, we couldn’t possibly ignore shiny runway stars giving us the cold shoulder!

Stripe it off!

spring-summer 2016 stylish off-shoulders

Off goes the lady, elegant and edgy! Striped off-shoulders enjoyed major fashion moments from the biggest brands at Spring-Summer ’16. If that’s not reason enough to win you over, we’re betting its effortless style will do the trick.

Style in full Swing

spring-summer 2016 stylish off-shoulders

With its free-flowing, on-the-beat stylish nature, this could easily be your best friend forever. Swing through summer without breaking a sweat in these light, roomy dresses. Oh, and the best part is, with these, your styling possibilities are endless!

Looks to frill

spring-summer 2016 stylish off-shoulders

Frilled off-shoulders will make you fall in love with the new-age vintage fashion. Thanks to its quirky, playful and festive spirit, it’s something you can pull off on any occasion.

In the words of designer Johanna Ortiz known for her best-selling Tulum top (frilled off-shoulder), “All women feel comfortable with their shoulders, regardless of their age or shape. For me, it’s just about finding the right balance between sexy and conservative.”

We couldn’t agree more!

If you’re guilty of carrying the burden of your worries, this is the perfect excuse to rid them off your shoulders and get yourself some shoulder-baring tops or dresses! Which one’s your personal favourite?

Time to say goodbye folks! Stay tuned for more juice on trend-spotting and interesting forecasts.

Image credits: VOGUE, FASHION GONE ROGUE, WWD, Lollipuff, NYMAG.COM, Pinterest, upcitemdb, URBAN OUTFITTERS, asos