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More often than not, when you see a celeb’s picture without makeup, your reaction is: “Yikes!” Makeup really does make a difference. Concealer, compact, primer etc. are essential to get smooth & flawless skin, but we feel it’s the lipstick that really brings the look together. Agree? With Christmas and New Year’s eve coming up, we thought we’ll give you a crash course in the lipstick shades that you can flaunt this party season.

dresses for womenFor Christmas and Christmas eve parties, most people opt for a red-green-white theme. Let’s say you’ve picked a red dress (we approve!). Without thinking twice, just wear a red lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, no matter what your skin colour, you can pull off red lips. Trust us! But if you’re still unsure, go for a glossy nude look. Nothing else will do.

Now if you’re wearing a pristine white dress, we would recommend an I-know-I’m-pretty pink, like a soft pale shade, almost natural. With a green dress a coral lipstick would look perfect. Matte or glossy, your choice. We’ve noticed that coral makes your face look bright and fresh.

party dresses for womenNew Year’s eve is to be taken seriously, women. If you’ve decided to be glam in a sparkly silver dress, go all the way and sport a glossy red mouth. Nobody can stop you from looking like a diva :-) If your choice is a blue bodycon, you could try an orange shade. We can totally imagine the two colours complementing each other perfectly! Want to be all girly in a pink dress? Put on an electric pink lip colour then. Bored of the usual colours you see at every party? Pick up a yellow lacy dress and complete the look with fuchsia lipstick. We think a luxurious matte would be ideal.

If you like sticking to the classics and have bought either black or white, don’t fret. Yes, there will be many women in either colour, but you can still be the shining star of the evening if your dress and makeup are hotter ;-) Since three-fourth sleeves are doing the rounds, you could try them out. Also, with most women dressing skimpily, you will easily look different from the crowd. Your lacy black dress could do with a little spunk; try berry lips. Don’t forget to add tons of mascara. In case you’re wearing a lovely white dress with beads all over, we think you can try either purple or mauve lipstick with it. And red heels please!

It’s as easy as that :-) What’s your favourite colour?

Image Credits: Rihanna, Emma, Kate