Stop what you are doing because Pantone has just debuted a bevy of shades for the Fall 2016 season. Ten shades to be exact! You ask why is this so important? Well silly, these colours will have a major moment on Fall 2016 runways will which obviously trickle down to your wardrobe! According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, these shades have been inspired by the desire for tranquility, strength and optimism. The lineup includes earth tones, pop of vibrant colours, gender-blurring colours and a touch of exotic hues. Here is what she had to say about each shade,riverside


  • Frontrunner in the Fall collection
  • Has a cool and calming, strong and stable aura
  • It combines vibrancy with sophistication

Trendin suggests you team this shade with white, cream-coloured and ivory tones.



airt blue

Airy Blue

Trendin suggests you pair this shade with shades of green and taupe.






  • One of season’s neutral shades
  • This tone balances edginess and neutrality
  • It showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens

Trendin suggests you pair it up with black, charcoal grey and navy blue.





aurora redAurora Red

  • One of the warmer tones in the lineup
  • A bold red that is a welcome punch and immediately pleasing to the eye
  • It entices excitement and confidence

Trendin suggests you work this hue with black in bold patterns and prints.




warm taupr


Warm Taupe

  • A timeless and neutral shade in the lineup
  • It’s more organic and timeless than taupes past
  • The earthy tone suggests reassurance and stability

Trendin suggests you style this colour with shades of mustard yellow.




dusky cedar


Dusty Cedar

Trendin suggests you pair this shade with the likes of blue, turquoise and periwinkle.




lush meadow


Lush Meadow

  • A rich, elegant and sophisticated shade from the coaster
  • It echoes the freshness of botanical and foliage
  • It showcases depth of colours, panache and exudes brightness

Trendin suggests you wear this colour with earthy tones like tan brown, taupe etc..





spicy mustard

Spicy Mustard

  • An exotic shade from the collection, this colour adds a splash of uplifting vibrancy
  • “Unexpected” and “unusual”
  • It works brilliantly with texture and geometrical patterns

Trendin suggests you team this colour with shades of white for maximum appeal.




Potter’s Claypotter clay

  • Another earthy tone from the range with an added degree of sophistication and layering
  • The element of russet orange lends a grounded feeling
  • It is labelled as a shade with real substance

Trendin suggests you work this shade with khaki and beige tones.






  • This shade stands for the gender fluidity that was seen in the last Pantone Colour of 2016
  • An unexpected shade for the season yet lends vibrancy and sophistication
  • Turns fashion accents into fashion statements

Trendin suggests you team this colour with colour with shades of red and pink.



So which shade tickles your colourful bone? Which one of these will be the star in your wardrobe during the fall season? Take a pic here


Credits: Pantone, Sourcing Journal 

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Dusty Cedar
Lush Meadow
Spicy Mustard
Potter’s Clay

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