Happy Birthday Aquarius!

It’s another year and the astrologers have predicted all the amazing or not so amazing things that are going to happen for you this year. What they didn’t predict is how to handle those significant days in style. But fret not! We’ve decoded a few styles in your lucky colours based on your stars. Think of your wardrobe as your personal felix felicis or lucky potion!

Unconventional and innovative, you Aquarians have a natural intelligence and creativity that is great for navigating through issues, big and small. It’s why everyone turns to you for advice.

Dates: January 21 to February 18
Element: Air
Birthstone or Luckystone: Amethyst
Colour: Turquoise, light blue, Nile green

Own your colours and slay the fashion scene in these soothing hues that are going to be major hits this season, according to colour and style forecasts (check out this post  to know about the Pantone colours of the year). Girls, you can try this light blue sling bag by People to add chic verve to your casual look. Guys, don this blue tie by Peter England to flaunt your colour in a grown-up, classy manner.



This shade will definitely complement your penchant for offbeat conversations and make you stand apart from the crowd.

For the Birthday Baby

Surprise your sensitive friend or partner, born under this sign, with a thoughtful gift in their lucky colours.

For the chic stylista, a green dress or a jumpsuit in blue or a graphic print jacket in her lucky colour will be the perfect choice.
A laid-back polo tee or a structured Nehru jacket like this one will be the ideal way to score major style points for the fashion-forward guy!

Love and Luck

For the single Aquarian who truly yearns for love, it’s time you listened to your heart and went on that foreign trip you’ve planning for ages. The astrologers predict that love is waiting for you on distant lands this year.

Style Tip: Wear your lucky colours and step on to that flight, for more chances of success!

For those of you already in a relationship, this is a period of satisfaction and relaxation. You can be secure in the knowledge that you are with the right one.

Style Tip: Ladies, get a pair of sandals or even a dress in turquoise, light blue or Nile green, and go out on a romantic date night with your man.

Gentlemen, suit up and complement your lady’s colours with a matching pocket square or tie, as you head out on that date.


This a year when you will have to prove yourself Aquarians and your hard work will definitely pay off. There would be substantial growth opportunities, lots of creative ideas and support of friends to grow business till the end of July. Unexpectedly between 26th March and 13th August, there would be sudden controversies and hurdles at work. All the efforts of the past will seem to disappear and there could be blocks which you were not expecting at all.

But that does not mean that you will be stuck in a rut for the rest of the year. You are bound to come out of the messy situations victorious. Nail those days in style and wear your auspicious colours for better luck. Here’s some inspiration for you to follow.


1Pisces you are up next! Keep watching this space for more ways to tackle your year in style and to nail the art of flaunting your colours. (Hint: The colour’s got a lot to do with royalty!)

Image Credits: Pinterest, FashionEkstrax, Lolobu, Lookastic.com, Vogue.com