Continuing with our last month’s post on decoding your style statement based on your horoscope, we are back with our take on Pisces. Read on to find out the sartorial secrets that will reflect your sun-sign perfectly!

Determined and intelligent, those born under this sign have a profoundly sensitive, gentle and intuitive orientation that channels the Pisces personality into an emotionally meaningful and creative relationship with the world.

Just like your element, your fashion sense is mutable and unpredictable. You can cast quite a spell with your zodiac fashion style, and channel mystery, magic and a lot of glamour

Dates: February 19 to March 20
Element: Water
Birthstone or Luckystone: Bloodstone
Colour: Lavender, Sea Green and Aqua
Piscean Celebrities: Rihanna, Kesha, Carrie Underwood, Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber and Adam Levine

You gravitate toward soft, flowing pieces that have a subtle glamour. You prefer soft fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and velvet, and glamorous evening looks that sparkle. Ladies, high heels may be your first and one true love. Guys, your desire to dress well without standing out complements your love for classic well-tailored pieces.

Girls, take inspiration from your famous zodiac twins and channel their glamour to own your fashion game. Nail the effortless, Boho-chic look, a la Carrie Underwood, with a maxi dress like this navy blue one.


Pantaloons Navy Dress

With international trend-setters like Adam Levine and Justin Bieber being your zodiac bros, guys, you will do well to work their styles into your wardrobe for more sartorial flair. Adam Levine seems to live in his wardrobe basics and that is definitely something you can carry off with ease on your off-duty days.


Allen Solly Grey T-shirt
Peter England Blue Jeans
Louis Philippe Black Loafers

For the Birthday Baby

Surprise your intuitive friend or partner, born under this sign, with a thoughtful gift in their lucky colours.

For the chic stylista, a sea-green top and a lavender skirt will be the perfect way to pull-of your colours with style.


Allen Solly Green Top
Allen Solly Purple Skirt

A well-tailored shirt or a laid back polo tee will be the ideal way to score major style points for the fashion-conscious guy!


Van Heusen Green Shirt
Louis Philippe Lilac Polo T-shirt

Love and Luck

A yearning for mystery and magic in love is what defines a Piscean. This is expressed in your helpful, compassionate and dreamy way of catering to your partners’ needs.

For the single Piscean who truly yearns for love, you must continue to be optimistic on all fronts and things will definitely work out for the better. It’s the right time to make, someone you like, aware of your presence.

Style Tip: Wear your lucky colours in your favourite fabrics and let go of your timidity as you head out with a friend for more chances of success.

For those of you already in a relationship, this is a period of enjoying a pleasant and comfortable time with your significant other.

Style Tip: Ladies, get cozy in your soft flowing nightdresses, and cuddle up with your man as you watch your favourite TV series with him.

Gentlemen, a pair of comfortable PJs are all you need to end your day in utter bliss.


This is a period of hurdles for your Pisceans. Distractions are likely to lure you in, which will keep you from focusing on your work. This is a time you need to observe strict discipline in your professional life in order to succeed.

Your hard work is definitely going to pay off and you are sure to emerge victorious with a lot of recognition for your efforts. Own your victories in style and wear your auspicious colours for better luck. Here’s some inspiration for you to follow.



Aries, we next decode your style sense! Watch this space for fabulous tips on how to emerge on top of your fashion game and to slay your year in style.