We all have certain people at work who we consider “stars”. At Trendin, we have suns. Yes, you heard that! The Trendin office was full of bright shining suns for #TrendinThursday!



We decided to brighten up the work floor by dressing up in hues of orange, yellow and pink! Right from tops and tees to kurtas and dresses, the girls really outshone the boys on this one! But the boys weren’t too far behind. A medley of shirts, T-shirts and kurtas in yellow and orange left us wishing for at least one pair of yellow pants! Alas, that didn’t happen. But that was only a minor speed-bump in all the fun that we had!




And some of us took the sunny attitude right back to our desks!





So who do you think was best dressed for the occasion? What would you wear for a sunny theme like this? Tell us what you think and leave your opinions in the comments section below!