Every globe-trotting business man knows the drill by now- catch early morning flights, skip the mid-day rush hour, don’t forget your passport, figure out the best WiFi spots, be nice to the air-hostesses, and travel light and easy. What won’t work is you turning up for a meeting with groggy eyes, crumpled suits and a cranky you; next time they might just settle for a Skype call.

Van Huesen Travelog Suit

From dressing right to keeping hydrated, we’ve got a few tricks that go skin deep to ensure you, Mr. Dapper Globe-Trotter, always arrives in style, a la Don Draper.

Our first tip, starts with hydrating. And no, we don’t mean heading to the airport’s designated bar. Good ol’ H2O is what you should be chugging on. And by the litres. The benefits of water are God-given; from helping you beat the bloat to keeping you alert, water is the answer to most problems. Yes, that also means frequent WC visits, but that’s an arrangement we’re willing to take.

Talking about hydrating, high altitudes and compressed cabins literally squeeze out the moisture from your skin, leaving your skin dry and lack-lustre. Also, because you’re sky high and closer to the sun, you’re an easy target to some very harmful UV rays. So, gentlemen, moisturizing is important. We’re not saying carry a face and hand-cream on board, but do slather on some before you leave home.

Whether you’re journey is an hour long or more, the key to arriving in style with a salon-like groomed look and a mind that’s alert enough to swat a fly, while you’re travelling, do indulge in some R&R time. Uhuh! Hallelujah to power naps that will energise you more than the strongest cappuccino on offer. Or if you listen to music is always soothing (not sure for the Eminem fans!).Van Huesen Travelog Wrinkle Free Shirt

Even though you much rather dress up in your trackpants and old high-school tee, when you’re travelling for business, there’s a dress code to follow. But, like we said, crumpled and sweat-stained shirts are a big no-no. Instead you’ll want to invest in some made-to-travel clothing, other than your wrinkle-free shirt.

Stains are inevitable and mini-accidents happen, but there’s a way for you to look ever clean. It comes in the blessing of shirts crafted with Teflon technology (sounds heavy duty eh!). Incorporated in every fibre of the shirt, Van Huesen’s EverClean shirts are stain-resistant and allow you to breathe easy.

Everyone hates bad body odour and sometimes not even the most potent cologne can come to your rescue. When you sweat, your clothes get damp and the sweat lingering on the fabric is what causes people to stay an arm’s reach away from you. So, once again technology in the form on sartorial finesse helps you combat such scenarios. The EverFresh shirt helps to absorb and evaporate your sweat, leaving you fresh like a daisy :)

And if precision and neatly pressed trousers are what you stand for, Van Huesen’s Travelite trousers are tailored with perfection to bring together style and comfort. Crafted from superior grade fabrics, the wrinkle-free trousers bounce back to look freshly pressed. And the stretch, comes in handy if you’re always “running” late.Van Huesen Travelog Shirts

Most meeting require you to turn up in a suit, and with the Lightweight suit, we’re not complaining. Weighing less than 500 grams (lighter than a MacBook Air), this suit literally allows you to travel light. And aptly put, it’s a “lightweight contender and a heavy weight performer”. What more could you ask for?

With these tips and pieces, arriving in style is as easy as 1-2-3.