Arey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull…

Who hasn’t grooved to the tunes of this track in the last month! All set to hit the screens this Friday, there are various reasons why we can’t wait to watch Kapoor & Sons! Be it Alia-Siddharth’s pairing or watching Fawad Khan on screen again, ‘kar gayi chull’ will definitely be our hymn for the next weekend!

Here’s a breakdown of our favourite actors’ costumes from this film!



Alia is totally rocking the Boho-chic look with her printed mini dresses and tunics! And we love how she changes her signature style to sport a knit off shoulder top! You must have noticed in the trailers that she’s big on layering in this film. Notice how she’s pulled on a casual shirt over her dress? Now that’s awesome.

Alia 1

Speaking of layering, she does it pretty well with a shrug and a band collar shirt! Come to think of it, we absolutely love shrugs. They are practical, stylish and can be worn with anything! *shrugs*

P.S. Do we see a hint at Athleisure in one of her looks?


Fawad 1

Mr. Khoobsurat, on the other hand, sports some very basic tees and still manages to look smouldering hawt! It’s the same case when we see him in a cool striped sweater (a cool sweater, oh the irony) grooving to Buddhu Sa Mann! (2)


Sid 1

Oh looks like Alia’s not the only one in the film who’s a huge fan of layering. Sidharth, as is evident from the pictures above, has this innate ability to look hot and cool at the same time! Finished with a pair of jeans, be it a check shirt over a solid tee or a sweatshirt over a printed one, he can make the best of the simplest of looks!

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