father and son relationship

With Father’s Day around the corner, the dilemma’s always the same – what do you give the man who has it all and gave you his all? When we gave you a lowdown about the seemingly bad daddies of Bollywood, we also hinted that something cool was coming your way. Read on to find out what :-)

In between spreadsheets, meetings, changing diapers, and teaching you the ropes, he’s the one who whisked you away to explore the world, the one who challenged you, and the only man who had the patience to let you make your own mistakes (with harsh but honest words of wisdom).

He probably wants nothing more from you than to see you conquer the world single handedly, but hey, a thank you note and present or two never hurt. And because we know that not every dad is the same, Van Heusen has curated a collection of personalized gifts for your special guy, whether he’s a Fortune 500 CEO or an aspiring Indiana Jones.


ceo dad

He rocks the boardroom and means strict business. He’s the one who starts his day with a strong cup of cappuccino and ends it with the finest scotch. Impeccably dressed, a button down shirt, a single breasted suit, polished oxfords and of course, a tie, are his armour of choice. The kind that say he’s the boss.

Creative Dad

creative dad

He’s a dreamer, a maverick of sorts, and the guy who walks around with a certain panache. While quoting Wordsworth and citing art, he’s the man who captures hearts with his charm and nonchalant style. A printed shirt, a textured blazer, chinos, and brogues, are his to-go ensemble. Don’t miss out the little notebook he stashes away in his blazer pocket! We always wonder what he’s so busily scribbling away.

Environmentalist Dad

environmentalist dad

Come rain or shine, he’s a man of the outdoors. Saving the world is on his agenda, and what a big responsibility it is! He’s the guy who lives by sustainability, organic clothing, and environment-friendly gadgets. A soft linen shirt, cotton khakis, and organic coffee, are his order of the day. You’ll want to keep it smart and simple for him :-)

Forever Young Dad

forever young dad

He’s your go-to guy, the one who’ll give you relationship advice over a round of beers and beats you to the next level of Grand Theft Auto. You sometimes wonder who the adult is! He’s also the guy you’re most likely to borrow (or steal) a shirt from. Not afraid of colour or rocking some paisley, you’ll find a stash of chinos, printed shirts, and suede brogues in his wardrobe.

 Globetrotter Dad

globetrotter dad

Desert storms, Amazonian forests, and bright city lights- this man’s seen it all. With multiple dialects on the tip on his tongue, a passport full of stamps, and a world full of stories to tell, he’s one to trigger wanderlust. His suitcase holds a collection of khaki trousers, polo T-shirts, a casual-yet-smart blazer, and comfortable loafers. After all, arriving in style is a must!

Weekender Dad

weekender dad

There’s never a dull weekend with this guy! From taking you on long drives, teaching you to ace the putt, and sharing a few laughs, he’s the guy who’s got it all figured out with a perfect work-life balance. His off-duty style is sporty yet casual, with shorts, a polo T-shirt, loafers, and a pair of sunnies, being his pick of the day.

While we’ve rounded up these impressive personalities, it’s now time you make some decisions and give your dad a well-deserved break! How, you ask? Head over to the closest Van Heusen store and pick from an entire look or curate one that’s perfect for him, because a “Best Dad in the World” mug might be cute, but a personalised gift will say a lot more. Plus, on the 20th and 21st, you get 50% off on the second garment!

Oh and that’s not it, they’ll have some fun stuff like a photo booth for you and your pop to capture some special moments (we hope to see some crazy ones!). Just in case your dad can’t make it, visit the store, order your pick, and they’ll have it delivered to his doorstep. Or you could order online and get up to 50% off.

We’re waiting for you to share some amazing stories with us. Just leave us a comment below. And Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

Image Credits: Tumblr