Ask us how life’s going right now and we’ll tell you it’s all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows. The stuff Care Bear dreams and our SS2016 wardrobe are made of.


Skittle-coloured, 70s lovin’ and filled with happy vibes, rainbow hues are liberating, exciting and oh-so-cheerful. And the way to wear it this year? Bold stripes, of course! Here’s your cue to note down every VIBGYOR hue and wear these colours with some pride. Follow along and you might just find your pot of gold!

Check out our runway and street style inspiration, and own the entire spectrum in style.

Rainbow stripes- runwayIf weekend escapades to quaint beach  side towns are on your mind, then a flowy maxi dress with faded yet bright lines tap in a perfect look that beckons relaxed vibes. Or think beyond basic and slay the streets in style with some bright multi-coloured stripes; if you’re daring enough you’ll work the matchy-matchy look and wear it all over. After all, if you’re working rainbow hued stripes into your summer style, an emoji-sized one won’t do! You could also unleash your inner geek-chic and take a cue from Gucci’s knit skirt, paired with a long-line cardigan and a rosette! Woodstock vibes anyone?

street style rainbow stripes

If the catwalks aren’t convincing enough, maybe a dose of street style will help you get your Crayola-esque ensembles ready. Easy way to wear the trend? A striped bodycon with statement making heels. A little more tricky but worth trying- a sweet candy-hued ensemble; something we’re sure Carrie Bradshaw would wear on the streets of NY. And if you’re all about normcore and basic style, a simple ol’ cardigan with jeans will do the trick. 

rainbow stripes trend report 2016

Now that you know how fun these bands of colour can be, join the movement and put it to the test. Do tell if you find the gold!


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