It’s summertime! And for us that means- style, skin, sexy and all that razzmatazz! This year, summer’s got a hot new favourite trend — the kimono style! If we’ve just popped BIG question marks in your head, let’ clear it up for you right away! No, the kimono trend is NOT a direct copy of the traditional Japanese style but a modern, vibrant and indeed a very interesting spin on it.

If you ask us to be straight up honest, we’ll have to say, IF not done right, the kimono could make you look like an over-enthused participant at a fancy-dress party. And if styled with taste, well, you’ll look like the easy-breeze who literally recreated street style!!

So the choice is quite simple. Don the cape like a superhero and exude some enviable oomph! But first of all, here are a few tips to help you smash the kimono look. Behold and learn!

The Occasion-Wear Kimono Dress:

kimono dresses_kajaree

If you can, tear a page from Nicole Ritchie’s style notebook! Give the slouchy silhouette a defined check with a waist belt to accentuate your curves, just like the socialite does it here! The relaxed make-up, wavy hair and minimal accessories tie up the look perfectly.

The Casual Kimono Top:



Roomy, light in weight and on-the-point gorgeous! What else can we possibly ask for in a comfort top? If we’re talking style dilemma, avoid tops that clumsily fall off your shoulders! Rather, settle for half-sleeved relaxed numbers that go well with shorts/skorts! And of course, let a belt add some extra flair!

Kimono-style Trench Coat for Summer Style:



Step a couple of years back, would you have EVER guessed of a fusion of different robe styles going full-on mainstream?? Not unless God told us Star Wars was real and Yoda was to become the next Coco Chanel!

But it’s a helluva trend today and we couldn’t be happier to get with the program! The kimono style trench coat is a fancy cross between a modern robe, coat and kimono and has been raking up quite a storm on the runway scene.

Work a medium-size Prada obi belt for some well-deserved fashion brownie points!

The Versatile, Effortless Kimono Cover-up/Jacket:


From beachy to casual effortless looks over a tee, shorts, trousers, skirt and rompers, dress or a bikini, leave it to a kimono cover-up to make a classic yet dramatic statement. As long as you don’t go overboard with prints/colour and remember to keep the other pieces neutral, this eye-catching style can almost never go wrong! Plus, factors like boots, floppy hat or fringes will only pump up its intrinsic boho vibe-which screams SUMMER love and all the good things that come with it!

We say Kimo-YES! Pretty sure this fascinating style won’t let us down and will stand the test of trend! Tell us what you think about it and how you plan to pull this hot number off this summer.

Image Credit: Fashionable Passion, WONDERSLIST, STYLESWEEKLY, OPSH, Pinterest