tommy ton spring 2015 street shots

There was a time when men wore the pants, and thought they alone could. Women proved them wrong. Then they thought they could be the only ones to look dapper in pant suits. Women ended up looking way classier (and sometimes downright sexy). And just when men assumed they owned the blue and white stripes, women took the same mensy stripes and wore them with panache. Say what!

mensy blue and white stripes shirt

We’re loving the exaggerated cuffs on these shirts. Wear them unbuttoned (the cuffs please, not the front!) for max effect. You could layer with a cardigan or a sleeveless sweater/pullover, and wear a chunky watch for an androgynous feel. Want to look a little fancy? Drape a beautifully printed scarf around your neck.

blue and white stripes for women

These women have taken the seemingly formal stripes and made them fabulously casual. A just-below-the-knees skirt with blue and white stripes, worn with a navy blue sweater and white sneakers is casual, yes, but also very chic. The sling bag is cute :-) The untucked striped shirt paired with a short skirt is our favourite. And more because of that shirt tied across the waist. You can switch it for a cardigan, and throw it on if it gets cold later in the day. Layer up for a fun look.

There’s nothing hotter than a semi-lined skirt, paired with a shirt that looks like it belongs to your boyfriend. The frayed hem got us interested in the skirt, for without it, it would be too commonplace. The real hero is the shirt though, perfectly knotted at the waist, with a couple of buttons undone. We do want to applaud her for the tied up hair and clean face too.

blue and white striped shirt and pants for women

See how amazing these darker coloured pants look with the strappy tunic and flat sandals? Very casual. Loved it. For a formal look, the same blue and white pin striped pants can be paired with a crisp white shirt and pointy heels. We’re getting quite a fun vibe from the striped shirt worn with upturned jeans. With the rolled up cuff and half-tuck, this look is up there in terms of coolness.

Which of these looks did you like the most?

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