What’s that we hear? V-day’s just a stone’s throw away and you STILL don’t have a plan??

Before you decide to dump all the hard work on your partner, take a minute and picture the li’l booklet of IOUs you might just be earning– ONLY IF his/her day is made! (Think foot massage, shopping trips.) Motivating, huh? But the question is—where do you start?

Step one is to know what kind of couple you are. Once you have that figured, planning out a lovey-dovey day for your Valentine will be a joyride.

The ‘Chillin’-at-Home’ Couple


Your tired souls screaming for some much-deserved “we-time”? Comfy up in your pajamas and watch the day roll!

V-day Agenda: An only-for-two breakfast on the patio will make a lovely start to the day! Catch up on missed conversations, cook together to soft music playing, bundle up in bed and watch a romantic movie together. (Don’t forget to squeeze in champagne and strawberries!) End the day on a high by building a fort made of pillows and retire in your love den!

The ‘Wanderlust’ Couple


If you guys find yourself fancying new places to explore when holidays come knocking, just pack your bags with lightweight shirts, shorts, dresses and shades and head out to an exotic location!

V-day agenda: Watch the beautiful sunrise together, go star-gazing and marvel at the local wonders! Try out local food-joints and fun activities. Every small thing you do with your soulmate will only bring you closer to each other.

The ‘Spur-of-the-Moment’ Couple


If you are a couple that likes to live life to the fullest and make decisions on the spur of the moment, then you sure know the thrill of not knowing what lies ahead!

V-day Agenda: This is a sure-fire way to spice things up! Show up at your partner’s workplace to pick him/her after work and surprise them with an impromptu weekend getaway at your favourite bed-and-breakfast. Or get tickets to your favourite play/concert/ comedy show. And then wait for the magic to unfold.

The ‘Try-New-Things’ Couple


Call them the super-super-active couple! They’re always trying this or that, or, well, something new we can’t even spell without looking up first!

V-day Agenda: Buy some comfortable active-wear pants and join your local yoga classes! Or put on your dancing shoes and learn to dance to your favourite tunes like a pro.

The ‘Are-you-Game’ Couple 


Do you like games? Especially if it’s a playful one with a happy ending maybe?

V-day Agenda: Go into a “pon de replay” mode and revisit how you guys first met. Play it out and talk about what you love most about each other! Or make things a wee spicier with a game of forfeit where, if you get an answer wrong, you must pay a (naughty) penalty.

And of course, don’t forget to add that extra bit of sexy to your look (be it with a stylish blazer or just a lil bling)!

Are you in a different category altogether? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


Image Credit: LOVE ME IF YOU DARE, Yahoo! Travel, Pittsburgh Magazine, rent.com, STYLESWEEKLY, relateinstitute.com, takecaretm.com, Pinterest