A fashion week is always fun. And even more so when you get to see some of your fave designers LIVE! Yes, we were in Delhi (*does a little jig*) during the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, where we saw some stunning Spring Summer designs on the ramp. Obviously, there was an overdose of gorgeousness. That’s the reason we were there. But the other reason was to give you the lowdown on what to expect next season. And here it is.


hemant and nandita, nida mahmoud, rajesh pratap singh, dev r nil, urvashi kaur, mrinalini

We saw quite a bit of this beautiful colour on the runways: Hemant and Nandita’s ikkat printed one-shoulder dress, Dev r Nil’s flouncy skirt, Urvashi Kaur’s tie-and-dye sari, Rajesh Pratap Singh’s tops and skirts, Mrinalini’s boho-esque tunic. Easily our favourite was Nida Mahmood’s sari. Look at how interestingly it’s been draped. For once, a sari doesn’t seem like a tough-to-handle garment!

It’s Diwali tomorrow (Happy Diwali everyone!). Why not drape your sari over a pair of skinny jeans and a tee/tank top? Firstly, it’ll make life easy for you, and secondly, people will drown you in compliments. Try it :-)

Summer Pastels

eka, pallavi mohan, nida mahmoud, rehane, atsu

A summer wardrobe is incomplete without yummy sorbet shades and delicate pastels. We were mesmerized by Rina Singh’s EKA, with its hand-woven handloom clothing, Atsu’s modern oriental collection, Nida’s quirkiness, Pallavi Mohan’s feminine style encompassing a lot of sheer , and Rehane’s boxy silhouettes, all drenched in pleasing pastels. Make it a point to incorporate a lot of pastel colours in your summer closet. We know WE will!

Ethnic Motifs

hemant and nandita, roopa pemmaraju, rehane, tarun tahiliani

Whether it was ikkat, block prints, tie-and-dye, tribal, or prints inspired by Indian folk, it was all there. Tarun Tahiliani, hats off to you for such intricate detailing!

Quirky Prints

niharika pandey, nida mahmoud, roopa pemmaraju, rahul singhWe can imagine Rahul Singh and Roopa Pemmaraju’s birds, and Nida Mahmood’s hot air balloons becoming excellent conversation starters. We’re particularly fascinated by Niharika Pandey’s collection: don’t you think the printed silhouette of the boy and girl kissing is really eye-catching? And what about that mismatched footwear! Take a cue from these designers and go all out in fun prints (steam engines, lipsticks, dollar bills etc.) that complement your personality.

Which trend did you like most?