It is the most romantic week of the year. You’ve got chocolates, roses, soft toys and everything red! The best part is that all of it is leading up to the big weekend. And we are sure you’ve put truck loads of thought into what you want to do, having finally come to a sensible conclusion: Deadpool. (2)

For the rest of you who are planning to go on dates and stuff, this is your life saving guide on how NOT to wear the Valentine’s colours of red and white this year (or at any given point in the course of time)!

1. Do NOT overdo the colour coordination!

Sometimes there’s an inner voice that tells you to coordinate every piece of your ensemble. Don’t listen to it. The old saying that ‘too much of anything is bad’ applies to everything (except Nutella, there’s no such thing as too much Nutella). Here’s proof!



2. Do NOT go overboard with hearts!

Yes yes, hearts are *blush*, *swoon* and awwwww! But, go OTT with them, and we have ourselves a ‘hearty’ disaster!


Uggghhh, someone give that guy a heart printed tee, or anything at all. Can’t unsee that now, can you?

3. Be Cupid, not stupid!

Sometimes we tend to get inspired by movies and end up doing some crazy things(dressing up as Cupid is certainly one of them)! We’re not saying don’t get inspired, but always keep your partner’s opinion in mind! And, if your partner loves these little stupid things you do, he/she’s a keeper!

4. Be creative, but not too much!

All of us should really put some effort into planning Valentine’s Day. Try to be innovative and come up with new things, but always, always know where to stop. Otherwise you could end up like…


Or this..


We’re sure she’ll appreciate the dance though!

5. No sweatpants or bodysuits! (2)

Even if they are red and white, you do not wear them for Valentine’s Day. ‘Nuff said!

We asked our team mates to dress up in red and/or white for #TrendinThursday, and needless to say, they pulled it off well! Have a look!





PS. For tips on how to rock these colours, check this out!

Can you think of any other ‘do nots’ for this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below!



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